Stamps with Stories – Madras to Denmark

Stamps, postmarks and covers can be the source of fascinating stories. I let my imagination run wild when I get a good postmark or cover

I acquired this lovely cover recently and was fascinated by it’s journey. Starting from Madras (now named Chennai) on 19 Jun 1907, reaching it’s destination Vordingborg, Denmark on what looks like 7 Jul 1907.

Vordingborg is an old ferry town in Vordingborg Municipality in Denmark. It has an inner urban area population of 11,843 (1 January 2015), and a total population of 17,714 including the satellite towns Ørslev, Nyråd and Stensved. These satellite towns have evolved during the last decades, due to three large estates surrounding Vordingborg and therefore prevented a collective development of the town. Vordingborg Municipality (Kommune) has a population of 46,000. I am guessing that in 1907, the population was perhaps even lesser.

With a little help from a fellow philatelist, Rasmus Kloster Jensen on Facebook, I figured that it was sent to a Customs Manager (“Toldforvalter” in Danish) in Vordingborg, Denmark. I searched a little more about the name of the Customs Manager. I found J Blom in a Krak’s directory listing “Address book of both women and men of all classes that others would have an interest in know about.”

Given the seal used on the envelope, I would imagine it contained some sort of govt. official correspondence. In my imagination, perhaps the letter was inquiring about a Danish ship that might have docked in Madras, who knows.

It’s a pity there was no sender’s address. Maybe the seal has some clues. Maybe someone with knowledge of seals and symbols used at that time can help.

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