Ships on Stamps

Ships on stamps always makes an interesting theme. Countries have long issued stamps with intricate designs of ships on them. Here are few stamps of this theme.

Norway 1991, To commemorate the centenary of the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue


shown here: Skomvær III

The Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue was founded on 9 July 1891. The first rescue boat went into service in 1893, and in 1894 the Colin Archer saved 37 lives in a storm. Colin Archer (1832 – 1921) was a Norwegian naval architect and shipbuilder from Larvik, Norway.

He and his shipyard were known for building durable and safe ships. The most notable single ship built by Colin Archer was the Fram, which participated in expeditions to the North Pole and, later, in Roald Amundsen’s historic first expedition to the South Pole; Fram is now preserved in the Fram Museum on Bygdøy, Oslo, Norway.

Today, there are 43 vessels continuously manned and on standby along the coast of Norway. The society has about 6000 engagements every year. 13 of the 43 boats are operated by volunteers,  the rest of the boats are manned by a professional crew who live and work onboard on a 28 day rotation.

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