My Machin Album

Since my rediscovery of Machins, I have taken on the task of building an album of machins. To start with, I am trying to complete the basic machins first. Since I had quite a few machins, I thought the task would be easy. Not quite. Turns out I have only 113 stamps out of 494 issued, and this doesn’t include variations like phosphor bands etc. So I do have a not so easy task at hand, specially since I have never encountered many of these (e.g. NVI) stamps in India before.

I have printed the basic machin album available free on Great Britain Machins website. My mounts arrived yesterday and I spent my weekend setting up my album. First few pages were easy to fill and then it got harder with high value machins. And my pages are all blank for NVI, double heads and security feature machins.

You can view pages of my album by clicking on the pic below.

My Machin stamp count:

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