Margins / Selvages

Margins / selvages : To keep or not to keep, that is the question.

Are stamps with margins necessarily better to retain than ones without? If I remove the side bar will it lose significant value? I asked this question on Facebook as I found them terrible for displays in albums.

As always, it was great to get some good responses.

If it wasn’t for them, some stamps couldn’t be properly identified or verified, especially Imperf stamps. It probably is not an issue with more modern stamps – but older stamps can have specific plate flaws or printing flaws. If you have an example with the margins you know exactly which position in the sheet this stamp had.

While they probably make no difference in value in common stamps, the general consensus seemed to be to not tear them off. One good suggestion was ‘If it really bothers you how they display, just carefully fold over the selvage but don’t tear it off.’ which seemed to make sense.

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