Keep Calm and Collect Stamps

October is Stamp Collecting month.

Many times new collectors ask me advice on whether to buy an expensive item they are being offered. Most of the time I have seen the item is over-priced and usually not as described. Sometimes new collectors ask what’s the value of their stamps, are mint stamps more valuable and so on.

My sincere advice to new collectors:

Give yourself time and enjoy the hobby. Learn more about stamps and also the events they commemorate. Start collecting full sets, then perhaps full years of specific countries and themes. Start with relatively cheaper stamps and build a collection. Machins, precancels, definitive series of countries of your choice is a great way to start. These are easy to get started but quite challenging to collect if you try to complete the series. I am sure you will get to more expensive and rare stamps and other philatelic items at some point of time in your hobby.

Here are some resources to get you started with basics of stamp collecting:

Here are some resources that can help you identify your stamps:


Keep calm and enjoy stamp collecting.

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