Stamp Stock Books: Black or White

Recently I asked in a Facebook group whether other collectors preferred black or white stamp stock books.

I got an overwhelming response favouring Black stock books. Most collectors preferred black stock books because the details of the stamps show up better and the colours are more distinct. Some felt perforations are clearly visible on black stock sheets. Some felt white is more susceptible to insects, dust and stains.

Ray Petersen explained in detail

I have always preferred black (also for individual mounts). But when I was preparing a few pages for an exhibit recently – my first attempt ever at making exhibit pages – and I asked for advice, a suggestion was made that I use clear mounts because the black backgrounds on black mounts distract the viewer’s eye from the image on the stamp.

Ultimately I went with clear, and was happy with the result. I have to say, that because I was exhibiting (and also collect) cinderella stamps – the image is far more important than the actual piece of paper. Things that make black a more attractive choice, such as showing off the borders, perforations, etc., are better suited to a study or research project. But when it comes to displaying the stamps – the image is the thing and nothing should compete with that.

This advice totally changed my perspective on the black vs clear (or white), at least for display purposes.