1937 Coronation Omnibus Stamp Album

About a year back I wrote a post on 1937 Coronation stamps. After unsuccessfully scrounging around the internet for a free album to print, I have finally decided to make my own album. I used a software called AlbumEasy, which is available at http://www.thestampweb.com, to create the 1937 Coronation Omnibus album pages. There are a total of 22 pages plus 1 cover page.

I am happy to offer this album to anyone who wants it in exchange of 100 stamps. I am not too fussy about the stamps, except they should not be duplicates and not too common. You can send me pics of what you can offer. Once I receive the stamps, I will email you the full album. Email me at theamateurphilatelist at gmail dot com, or send me a DM on Instagram or message me at Facebook.

You can see sample pages here: