Free Stamp Album Pages

Despite the ease of stock albums and the convenience of stock pages, I still love the charm of printed album pages. These help me organize my collection with clearly identified gaps and goals to completion. You can use mounts or hinges to add stamps to these album pages. Print them on at least 160 gsm pages and or buy specially designed pages and add them to ring binders.

But how do you get these album pages? Well, most are not free but there are still many sources on the Internet where you can get free and paid album pages. I list some of these sources that you might useful.

  • BidCurios has a few free stamp album pages along with their paid album pages. You can checkout their album pages here.
  • Stamp Albums Web — this is perhaps one of the most comprehensive sites for album pages. You need a paid subscription of about US$ 40 per year for unlimited download (please check website for most current prices), which might actually be not too bad to get almost everything you want.
  • The Philosateleian U.S. Stamp Album — This seems to be a site with comprehensive USA stamp album pages. Last I checked it had pages listed till 2018, along with non-postal stamps. All album pages are free.
  • Dead Country Stamps and Banknotes — A very niche site that focuses on collecting stamps and currency from countries which no longer exist — often defined as a “dead country”. Michael Adkins, who runs this site, has provided some great album pages of these countries. He is in the process of creating these album pages so you may not find everything you are looking for but I would recommend bookmarking this site and subscribing to its RSS feed (are these still a thing these days??).
  • theStampWeb — from the makers of AlbumEasy, the site provides links to free user contributed Stamp Album pages to download.
  • Hamilton Stamp Club — The site seems to provide many album pages created by William E. Steiner (of Stamp Albums Web fame). Enjoy these free album pages while they are still available.
  • American Philatelic Society — Provide free album pages of USA stamps, though it’s not as comprehensive as Philosateleian site. APS downloads section has some pages for thematics/topical collections too.
  • The Precancel Stamp Society — You can download Town and Type albums and Dated albums of US Precancel stamps.
  • Mostly Classics — Free album pages of USA classic stamps. The site also offers Iceland stamp album pages.
  • Great Britain Machins — One of the best sites for GB Machin stamps. The basic Machin album is free and can get you started on your Machin collection. Other advanced and specialized albums are available at cost.
  • BR Stamp — Free Brazil stamp album pages in Portuguese.
  • FRANCE-TIMBRES.NET — Free France album pages, site is in French. Seems to have album pages for years 1981 onwards. Please explore the site for more options that might be available.
  • iBolli Album Pages — The album pages are files, freely downloadable, containing boxes and writings that allow the insertion and sorting of Italian and Italy colonies stamps.
  • Stamp Hacks — A good collection of Ukraine album pages. The site also provide other country album pages and some interesting links, including hacks to the Mystic Heirloom pages.
  • World Stamp Albums — This is probably the most comprehensive stamp album pages website I have come across. This is Dr. Cheng Chang’s web site of world stamp collection by country. The site does NOT provide downloadable album pages. However it does provide images of album pages, which seems to be of the right size. I am guessing you could print these images as album pages. I haven’t tried this but if you do try it out, do drop a note in comments below.
  • The China Stamp Society, Inc — Free stamps pages of mainly Taiwan Republic of China and some other provinces.
  • Great Britain Stamp Album Pages 2016 — Seems to be a fairly comprehensive collection of album pages of United Kingdom and Crown Dependencies. This YouTube video might be of help when trying to understand The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England.

In spite of all these free resources, you might still want to create your own album pages. Perhaps you want specialized album pages for your topical collection, or another specialized collection that you can’t find only. You can use the following to create your own album pages:

  • AlbumEasy — An HTML-type markup language to create album pages. Has a learning curve but once you get the hang of it, you’ll love it. It’s not very visual but compiling a page into a PDF and viewing it is quite easy and simple to do.
  • — This is an online album page creator. I haven’t used it but it looks like a basic page creator with not too many layout options available.

1937 Coronation Omnibus Stamp Album

About a year back I wrote a post on 1937 Coronation stamps. After unsuccessfully scrounging around the internet for a free album to print, I have finally decided to make my own album. I used a software called AlbumEasy, which is available at, to create the 1937 Coronation Omnibus album pages. There are a total of 22 pages plus 1 cover page.

I am happy to offer this album to anyone who wants it in exchange of 100 stamps. I am not too fussy about the stamps, except they should not be duplicates and not too common. You can send me pics of what you can offer. Once I receive the stamps, I will email you the full album. Email me at theamateurphilatelist at gmail dot com, or send me a DM on Instagram or message me at Facebook.

You can see sample pages here: