Errors/oddities in modern Indian stamps – MLV stamp 2018

After a long wait for the post offices to upgrade their systems during which time sale of stamps from philatelic counters had dried up, I finally managed to get the M L Vasathakumari stamp from the Delhi philatelic bureau.

I seem to have laid my hands on what seems to be a printing plate flaw on the lot. The error occurs on the third column stamp. I am not sure what row this is in since the lot of stamps shown in pics here is all that the counter had. There don’t seem to be any traces of paper stuck after printing as the stamps are quite smooth in texture over the portion where this flaw is visible. Perhaps experts can provide more inputs on this. There are some other minor print flaws too like black spots on the stamp.

About the stamp:
India Post released a commemorative postage stamp on M L Vasanthakumari (3 July 1928 – 31 October 1990) on 3rd July 2018 to commemorate her 90th birth year. She was a Carnatic musician and playback singer for film songs in many Indian languages. A prime disciple of the G.N. Balsuramaniam, she was the youngest among the established musicians of that era, and was the youngest female awardee of the Sangita Kalanidhi award.

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